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New Spirit - your total provider of communication!

My name is Trude Helén Hole and I am the owner of New Spirit Communication and Feather Books Publishing.

I am an author, a journalist and lecturer, coach and model - and not at least an artist, painter and illustrator. As an author my main business is writing books, also on demand - but as a journalist I write all kinds of articles, especially about wine, travels and adventures, politics and society, management and health. My articles are published both in magazines and in books, and on my popular blog. I´m also a wellknown provider of inspirational lectures and wine courses, and work both in front of and behind the camera as a model.

What is New Spirit Communication? As an author, PR counselor and journalist, I know how to angle and convey the story to get attention, and which channels to use to lead the message to your target audience. By combining strategy, PR advice and constructive communication, my products and services are assured, as well as customer investments. Due to my unique interdisciplinary expertise, I quickly notice weaknesses and for the same reason I have the opportunity to provide flexible communication solutions - both in English and Norwegian.

If you need help reaching media, with image building, designing press releases, writing an article or a book, or just a reasonable text or a comprehensive image for your webpage or ads, or simply a model - please feel free to contact me.

Luxury Travel Blog

I am a experienced Norwegian author and journalist, and one of Norway's best bloggers according to Norwegian press.

I have been writing about adventures and travels, both in English and Norwegian for several magazines since 2003.

If you want an article or to market cruises, flights, trips, hotels and experiences on my popular blog - then please feel free to contact me.

For traveltips - please click here.

Me as a Model

I´m a formerly finalist in The Face of the Year and Miss Universe. As an actor, I have played in several movies and TV shows.

I prefer to have the overall responsibility regarding the creative expression, but of course in line with your wishes.

Perfect, boring and artificial over-retouched images is NOT my style. I prefer contrasts and a slightly tough style with wind in my hair and modest make-up on my face. But of course, if you want it different and pay well enough - anything is possible.

My wine courses

I am an educated sommelier, that have been importing wine for more than six years. I've been writing about wine for over 17 years for different magazines and held a number of winecourses throughout Norway.

I  have, due to many requests, chosen to keep  winecourses again. You might also learn about wine through my flexible online winecourses when you have the time and effort! Feel free to contact me. If you are curious, you will find articles about wine on my blog.


She is a sparkling, direct and often mercilessly honest lady, fearless and with a very good glance for the overall picture - if I need

a brilliant good text, then this is the place to go! Elin Hege Lona.

Trude Helén is a positive and creative force who always delivers on time. A very impressive and enthusiastic woman with great interpersonal skills and a brilliant and funny mind. I recommend her warmly.

Christian Ringnes, Managing Director of Eiendomsspar AS.

I engaged Trude as a photographer in a job project. Trude is a pleasure to work with, she is creative, professional, positive, delivering quality, keen on making good results and constantly spreading herself with good ideas. I can definitely recommend Trude Helén Hole. 

Trine-Lise Jagge, general manager of Dynamic People.

I have met Trude Helén several times in Aker Næringsråd and followed her on her exciting posts online. My impression can be summed up with the key words that came from The preferential analysis I performed for her: Challenging, Rational, Smart, Quickly, Exploring, Initiative, Independent, Direct, Tactical, Diversified, Creative and Flexible. Those who need a person who can express themselves, think new and develop new ideas, should contact Trude Helén - Recommended. Per Olav Apalnes, Senior Business Partner in Advance Business Partner AS.

Trude is an excellent communicator both in writing, visually and verbally. She has good business understanding

both strategic and as a marketer. Jarle Ørnebo, Speed ​​Marketing.

Are you looking for pictures that are "slightly out of the ordinary"? This is the place to go! Birthe Kildahl, Vintage & Luxury.

She is something else, multitalented! Gro Storteig, Owner G-photo.

Documentary review SAS Julefly: This is not a traditional book. It is something infinitely more and describes how it has been possible for a group of enthusiasts and sponsors to help a large amount of disadvantaged people in several different countries soon after a lifetime. The book is taken in the pen by Trude Helén Hole and has been around 200 pages, well illustrated. Hole has a light-handed writing style that makes the story, in ups and downs, shocks, despair and joy in the face of people associated with these auxiliaries, both on the recipient side and among those who are in different ways and organizes them. This has become a book it's worth reading. Highly recommended. Ole Bjørn Sælensminde, Norwegian Air History History magazine.

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Treat someone special

to an incredible reading experience

According to Norwegian media -  I am Norways funniest author. Books are my true passion. I swallowed tons of books and cartoons as a little girl and took an early decision to become a writer, but even though my first novel was completed in 1994 - 12 years disappeared in a lot of other fun stuff, including some years in Australia where I worked on a horseranch with 78 horses including my own, crazy Percy that nobody except me could ride, and cattle farm where I was doing a lot of fencing in the "out back" together with a 80 year old man and a dog at the same age - before my first novel came out in 2006. It was The Thuth about Lotte-Marie, which sold over 6,000 books in 1st edition. Later, I wrote four other books, but it was not before Autumn 2016 that I really took ownership of the authorship of mine, and actually did something about it, other than just write and get the books out there.


It´s all about being smart and having fun!

Trude Helén Hole


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